The Bluebonnet Airshow was held April 14, 2012, in windy weather with fairly low ceilings.  

A couple of acts were scrubbed, but overall this was one of the best air shows in years.

There were six new airplanes:

- A Soviet-era Mi-24 Hind
- A P-51 Mustang
- A SB2CS Helldiver
- A R4D-65 C-47 derivative
- A Michael O'Sullivan 90% Spitfire replica 
- A Cessna 195

The stars of the show were the Hind, an Su-26, and Falcon Flight.  The Su-26 and Falcon Flight put on an incredibly crisp show, Falcon Flight with a massive and very precise display of formation flying (8 airplanes).

These are some artsy-fartsy pictures.

  • Artsy shot of AT-6A (N90629)
  • Flags. Windy day.
  • Bluebonnet Belle.
  • P-51 (NL4132A) scorecard.
  • SB2C5 Helldiver (N92879).
  • Mi-24 Hind (NX118NX)
  • RV-8s Falcon Flight, aerobatics
  • RV-8s Falcon Flight. Break.
  • T-6G (N9871C)
  • Mi-24 Hind (NX118NX)
  • Mi-24 Hind (NX118NX)
  • Shutting down the Mi-24 Hind (NX118NX)
  • T-28
  • R4D-6S (N151ZE)
  • Michael Osullivan Supermarine Spitfire (N7612) peeking through a whiff of smoke.
  • R4D-6S (N151ZE)
  • CJ-6 (N700YK)
  • T-6G (N9871C). Note the control cables underneath.
  • Stearman (N9054H) cockpit.
  • Cessna 195 (N4666T)