This tour focuses on the history of  Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral.

These pictures were taken in January 2011.

The tour starts with a trip through the Canaveral Air Station (no photography allowed), then to the Air Force Space & Missile Museum.  After 9/11, Canaveral Air Station became a closed base, thus preventing the public from accessing it.  This is the only way of getting to the museum, though an auxiliary site has been opened near the Canaveral AFS's southern gates.

This park contains the block houses and launch sites for the original Mercury missions, as well as a number of missiles outside.

The block houses are amazingly well preserved, with original consoles and instrumentation.

From here, the tour visits a Mercury/lost lives memorial, the Apollo I site, and winds up at the Saturn V museum.

The building containing the original Mercury mission control was demolished a few years ago, but the consoles were saved and are located in the Early Space Exploration museum at the Kennedy visitor's center. 

This tour is highly recommended.

    • View from corridor bridging control room exits to front door. Note two blast doors. Toilet outside first blast door.
    • Chimpanzee Couch
    • Console
    • Instruments
    • Instruments
    • Launch console. Guarded switches make it go.
    • Instruments. Paper charter.
    • Tape machine.