National Museum of the Pacific War '07

The National Museum of the Pacific War ("The Nimitz Museum") is located in Fredericksburg, Texas. The museum is split into approximately three sections: one honoring Admiral Chester Nimitz, one honoring President G. W. Bush, and a third with elaborate dioramas illustrating life in the Pacific War. Only a small fraction of the museum's holdings are on display. Plans exist to expand the museum and put vastly more items on display.

The museum also conducts original research, such as participation in oral history projects focusing on both the Pacific War and life at home.

I visited the museum in April of 2007 and again in March of 2008. This covers the 2007 visit. I was pretty sloppy this time around, and do not have very good equipment IDs on anything. Big armor is not my thing. If you know specifically what any of this is, please send me a note.

Click on a thumbnail below for a more in-depth photo series. If you wish to use any of these images, check with me first.

105 mm howitzer


Anti-aircraft guns


Amphibious vehicle


Fat Man


Garden of Peace


Japanese Cannon


Japanese Defensive Examples Japanese Tank Kleig Light
Medical Memorial Misc Vehicles
Nimitz Artifacts PT-305 Unknown Cannon


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